Cheryl M Christensen, M.Ed.

After working 18 years in business development, management, finance, marketing, and sales roles, Che

In February 2018 after working six years in Learning & Development, Sales Training & Enablement  with Oracle, Inc. and IHS Markit, Inc., Cheryl and her husband Bruce opened a consulting practice to share their expertise.  

With 33 years spread between small and medium sized consulting firms, academia, and billion dollar publicly traded organizations, Cheryl is ready to share her innovative ideas about  hiring,  developing talent and leaders, and building sales enablement frameworks to support sales and operations including curriculum development.  Learning is learning and Cheryl has been facilitating knowledge transfer for several years, understanding the brain science behind learning, and what is possible with inexpensive technologies so easily available to learn and deploy.

Cheryl is certified to facilitate Everything DiSC Workplace workshop and has been the customer on the receiving end of the powerful tools she represents at both Oracle, Inc. and IHS Markit, Inc.

My Story

Bruce G Christensen

Bruce Christensen

Working in the Nuclear Industry as a Quality Assurance Auditor, Bruce certified suppliers as compliant with Department of Energy (DOE) regulations.  An entrepreneur at heart, Bruce owned and operated Business2Business Printing, Inc. for over 20 years until closing operations in 2010.

Bruce is certified to facilitate Everything DiSC Workplace workshops. He has several years of experience working with clients, presenting to both small and large audiences, as a very effective educator and facilitator.

In addition to facilitating workshops, he has a beautiful tenor voice, having performed on stage in musicals and solo vocal work.  As Director of Audio and Video Productions for Data2Develop, he also applies his vocal talents to creating Voice Overs for the eLearning and Audio Book industries.