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Gerhard Gschwandtner

CEO of Selling Power

Sales Enablement Society Conference

Denver, CO September 2018



CEO Cheryl Christensen worked with Chad Burmeister, CEO of, to research the skill sets of his BDR rep. uses AI to help companies generate qualified leads.  The results were interesting as he didn't fit the typical BDR profile but fit the performance model for a General Sales Rep.  Read Chad's Blog for more information or reach out to Chad at

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True Customer Intimacy

CEO Cheryl Christensen is interviewed by Bruce Scheer, host of the Sales Conversation podcast, where she shares how she worked with her customers when she was in full-time Account Management roles.

Her belief: "True customer intimacy is when you know your customer's customer's problems", and she illustrates this with an example from Honeywell, Inc. She managed several Honeywell accounts including locations in Florida, Tucson, Phoenix, Glendale, and Deer Valley, Arizona. She describes the Auxilliary Power Units they built to support Boeing, how the APU was instrumental with The Miracle on the Hudson River and US Airways.  Plus, she discusses how important it is to follow the news of your customers as Boeing is partnering with a company in France to begin manufacturing their own APUs.


Building a Sales Enablement Program at Oracle

Vendor Neutral interviewed CEO Cheryl Christensen about her personal "horror stories" buying technology for a Sales Enablement Program.  Cheryl shares her desire to conduct a Pilot at Oracle Data Cloud to explore a Sales Training Platform, and how she worked  with Sales Leaders, took their input, and built alliances with other groups at Oracle. 


A Move From Sales to Teaching in 2003

 An article published by The Arizona Republic about Cheryl Christensen when she left sales in 2003 to go back to school to teach.  She taught till 2008 when she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, and then moved to Grand Canyon University where she built a new program for the College of Fine Arts in Digital Design including Animation, 3D Modeling, and Web Design