Talent Management, Sales, & Leadership Development Solutions

Recruiting and Development


Finding the right talent is critical for the success of any organization!  With reliable and respected assessment tools validated over decades of use, and approved by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), data will inform the recruiting and hiring decisions you make.

Set your organization apart from other organizations from the very beginning with the investment made to ensure the right individual is hired and personalized talent development program created.  Future leaders will be discovered and leadership development in the pipeline.

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Sales Enablement Frameworks


  Are you a start up wondering how to navigate the expanding Sales Enablement Technology Stack?  The owners of Data2Develop have built sales enablement and training programs for some the largest global sales organizations and bring  extensive experience in learning and development technology tools.  

With a solid background in adult learning theory from experience as well as educational preparation, Data2Develop can recommend a framework that works with your organization's culture, needs, and will scale as the organization grows.

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Sales Skills Training


Finding the right training to support the needs of your sales force is challenging enough but if it is not reinforced through ongoing coaching, it doesn't stick.  From a thorough Needs Assessment with multiple stakeholders, including the reps, a Sales Training Program and Enablement Framework will be recommended.

Data is also gathered to provide insight on the current skills, gaps, and areas for operational enhancements to support the needs of the organization.  Sales colleagues receive a personalized report and sales managers receive a customized coaching report for each team member.  

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Sales Coaching Tools


Customized sales coaching tool built to meet the specific needs of your team members.  With the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), personalized sales, coaching, and leadership development delivered to your reps at the point of need! 

Nothing is worse than preparing for a sales call when away from the office when you need a quick review of the "Value Proposition" or some "Competitive Insight" before heading in to the call.  Mobile enabled chat bots to the rescue with the insight gathered  from your CRM tool.

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Productive Conflict Training


Recent research estimates managers are spending at least 40% of their week dealing with employee conflict.  With open environments, a positive corporate culture and employee relations are critical to the success of your organization.  

Help improve workplace communication, collaboration, and improve conflict management skills with the use of AI powerered assessment tools.  Using a variety of tools, teams learn how to manage conflict productively in the workplace.   

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1 - 3 Day Leadership Retreat


Do you want to build a cohesive and effective leadership team?  Does your leadership team trust each other enough to know how to use conflict to arrive at the best results?  Are they committed to the success of the team and willing to hold each other accountable?  

Based on the best seller Five Dysfunctions of a Team by Patrick Lencioni, this 1 - 3 day workshop will begin with data assessing where the team is today, introduce a framework to help the team work collaboratively for the success of the organization, and  ongoing coaching to monitor progress.

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Career Transformation Workshop


Are you an individual ready to create a new Future?  Join a Career Transformation Workshop with Cheryl Christensen, M.Ed. including an Interest Assessment, one/one coaching and participation in a sequenced career exploration program. 

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Training Program Development


Do you have some unique training needs?  Would you like some help building a customized, interactive program that fits with your corporate culture and will keep the audience engaged?  

Reach out for a complimentary 30 minute Needs Assessment with one of the owners of Data2Develop as they have built several programs over the last twenty years in both corporate and academic institutions.

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