Launching Our Business

We used Zoho One to launch Data2Develop, LLC, utilizing several powerful tools to build websites, push out social media blasts, set up our back office, accounting systems, price books, quotations, invoices, and customer payment portals. We use surveys to conduct research, roll out training materials, and build reports. Our sales teams generate a pipeline of contacts, leads, and opportunities in Zoho CRM where we monitor deals and closed business.

CRM Customization

Want to simplify the tools for your team? Zoho CRM can easily be customized to meet the needs of your organization, your sales process, methodologies, and enablement processes. Let us show you how!

Project Management

Build customized project templates for lump sum contracts or time and materials contracts.  Zoho has the tools to meet the needs of your consulting business.  We know, because it is working for our business!

Business Intelligence and Data Analytics

Zoho Analytics will help you start to visualize your data now with easy to deploy built-in reports, tables, and dashboards.  



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