STEM Program Development


Professional Development for Districts & Educators

 Are  teachers using the technology tools the district has provided?  Are they struggling to find time to integrate the tools into the curriculum?  We can build professional development to model technology use in the classroom.  We bring several years of industry and academic experiences building programs of study and professional development.  We are eager and qualified to support your teachers, leaders, and staff in the education of our future workers, the children.


Data2Develop Training Academy

We are currently developing an Academy for children to learn about STEAM subject areas.  It will include hands-on activities to complement your children's current education.  The Academy can also be an additional resource for home schooling parents to provide their children an outlet to work collaboratively with other children.  Watch for upcoming announcements of offerings in your area.

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Our Credentials

  • PhD Doctoral Candidate - Dissertation in process
  • State of Washington Teaching Certifications (2019 - Present)
  • Washington State Teaching Certificate (Business & Marketing Endorsement)
  • Substitute Teaching Certificate
  • State of Arizona Teaching Certifications (2003 - 2010)
  • Arizona highly qualified secondary educator in Business and Marketing Education
  • Arizona highly qualified Career & Technical Education
  • Former FBLA Advisor and Member of Arizona FBLA Executive Council

Platform Development for Home School Coops

We are conducting research with several coops regarding their needs for a platform to help manage families that are home schooling their children.  We are building a pilot platform to include membership management tools, email, invoicing and bookkeeping tools, a learning management system, survey tools, document signing, word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation tools.  It also includes project management, subscription as a service functionality and analytics.  The system is very flexible and can be customized to include your branding.  

If you are a home schooler and/or part of a Home School Coop and would like to participate, please click the "Participate in Pilot" button and we will reach out to you to conduct a Needs Assessment.

Memberships and Associations




Transformative Career Development Programs

Has your school been tasked with revamping its programs of study?  Listen to a ten+ year educator and the journey she took, leaving industry after 18 years to teach in a Title I high school in Arizona. Seven programs of study were built, including the critical Career & Technical Education (CTE), Student Organization of Future Business Leaders of America and DECA programs. An Academy of Finance and an Advisory Board were established that opened the door to an Assistant Professorship.

Hired to teach a program that needed a revamp, a similar process was used at Grand Canyon University in the creation of a new University Degree, approved by the Higher Learning Commission.  Interested in inspiring your educators, the Keynote presentation highlights how it always starts with the Audience and the Stakekholders and a Problem!  


Workers Not Prepared for Jobs of Today, Let Alone Tomorrow

Who is at fault?  Academia or Industry?  No one!  A timeline of the changing nature of work will be shared and the escalating scale of innovation that started with Moore's Law. This keynote highlights the importance of STEAM embedded in the curriculum and critical professional development.


Building a Winning Partnership

What's In It for Me?  Why should industry get involved teaching STEM?  How can industry get involved?  What do educators need to do to create a Win/Win for industry by building a collaborative partnership?  

Having access to critical corporate sponsorships will enable educators to build STEM classrooms and participate in critical STEM professional development.  Students will explore STEM careers and conduct experiments with the aid of subject matter experts from industry. Content subject matter experts "+" Application subject matter experts from industry "=" a Winning Partnership.