Business of all Sizes


From the smallest start-up, small business, or large corporation needing to better understand the Learning & Development Technology Stack, best practices in L&D, or how to hire the right talent to support and scale with the growth of the organization, the owners of Data2Develop have worked for and with most of them.

The co-founders of Data2Develop have built training programs for or delivered training to:


IHS Markit



Lockheed Martin

Northrop Grumman

Harris Corporation

U.S. Navy, Army, Air Force, Coast Guard

Department of Energy

Los Alamos Labs

Sandia Labs




Arizona Public Services

Academic Institutions


With five years in Title I schools, and four years in higher education, Cheryl has expertise working with all types of academic institutions.  With 25+ years in the high technology, aerospace, defense and security industries calling on engineers, she is well equipped to build programs in STEM for institutions of learning.

With a Masters in Educational Technology, and ABD for a PhD in Educational Technology, she has the foundational pedagogical knowledge and experience using technology in the classroom, as well as stories from industry to make it come alive!  Application is critical and she brings storytelling to the classroom with experience as a high school educator, Career & Technical Department Chair, and CTE Sponsor of an award wining chapter of Future Business Leaders of America.  She knows the power of practical application based programs and supported three students as they served the State of Arizona, two FBLA State Presidents, and a State Vice President.

While working at the University, she organized a student chapter of AIGA for the new Digital Design program she built and launched before returning to industry in 2012.



The power of the Non-Profit organization is critical and the co-founders of Data2Develop are actively involved with several in the greater Puget Sound Area and elsewhere.  

Bruce heads the Renton Just Serve efforts, a non-profit organization that publishes service opportunities in your respective areas.  Here are just a few of the organizations Data2Develop is actively promoting and supporting:


Cheryl M Christensen, M.Ed.

After working 18 years in business development, management, finance, marketing, and sales roles, Che

In February 2018 after working six years in Learning & Development, Sales Training & Enablement  with Oracle, Inc. and IHS Markit, Inc., Cheryl and her husband opened a consulting practice to share their expertise.  

With educational credentials, Cheryl is ready to share her innovative ideas about learning, talent development, and enablement frameworks with other organizations - corporate, non-profit, or academic.  Learning is learning and Cheryl has been facilitating knowledge transfer for several years, understanding the brain science behind learning, and what is possible with inexpensive technologies so easily available to learn and deploy.

Cheryl returned to school after working 18 years in business development, management, finance, human resources, marketing, customer service and sales.  In 2003 she obtained a Post-Baccalaureate Secondary Education Credential and taught career and technical education for 5 years.  She was recruited away by Grand Canyon University where she taught for 4 years as an Assistant Professor.

Bruce G Christensen

Bruce Christensen

Working in the Nuclear Industry as a Quality Control Auditor, Bruce certified suppliers as compliant with DOE regulations.  An entrepreneur at heart, Bruce owned and operated Business2Business Printing for over 20 years until closing operations in 2010.

Bruce is certified to facilitate the EverythingDiSC Workplace workshops. He has several years of experience working with clients, presenting to both small and large audiences, as a very effective educator and facilitator.

In addition to facilitating workshops, he has a beautiful tenor voice, having performed on stage in musicals and solo vocal work.  As Director of Audio and Video Productions for Data2Develop, he also applies his vocal talents to creating Voice Overs for the eLearning and Audio Book industries.

Helen Berrett


Helen is supporting Data2Develop as an Event Manager while she continues her work in vocal pedagogy.   She knows logistics as she raised a large family, all talented in the arts, requiring her to play taxi driver to jobs, voice lessons, piano recitals, and stage performances.  She also taught at the college and secondary school level.

For the past 25+ years Helen taught several award winning vocalists. while playing in or conducting community orchestras.  In addition, she was a member of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, now known as The Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square, and can be found performing for local events singing opera, classical, or musical theatre, all of her favorites. 

We are excited for her help as we deliver training programs for our clients as she can manage schedules and ensure all "i"s are dotted, and "t"s are crossed.  Taking care of our clients is our number one priority and Helen is ready to assist.

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