Is your Talent Development program attractive? Are you losing talent?

Set your organization apart with a Hiring, Onboarding, and Learning & Development Program using Data and AI.

How to Create an Engaged, Productive Workplace?

Check out  Everything DiSC® -  The Culture Catalyst™ and how it can contribute!

When people understand each other, they are often more collaborative, productive at work and contribute to a positive culture!

Studies consistently report managers are spending 20-40% of their week dealing with employee conflict.  What is this costing your organization?  One of the reasons employees leave is conflict with a manager or a colleague.  Turnover is expensive and our solutions can help.

The Global Impact of Everything DiSC ®


How are You Measuring Sales Effectiveness?

Sales Recruiting


Are you hiring the right type of rep for the right type of sales role?  Have you selected the right candidate to manage the critical account? 



Are all of the departments working together to support the efforts of onboarding your new colleagues?  How long is it taking to close the first opportunity?  Is your program ready to scale as you grow? 

Sales Coaching


Is your investment in sales training sticking?  Are your sales managers prepared to coach and provide ongoing support?  Do they have the time?  Do they have the expertise? 

Will the Digital Transformation Impact You?

Are Your Employees Looking for New Opportunities?

Jobs are changing and will continue to change fast in the next ten years.  With the fast advancing Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Robotics, are your employees worried they may be facing layoffs if their roles are outsourced to Machines or Robots.  Similar things happened as we evolved from the Industrial Revolution to the Information Age.  Don't put your head in the sand as the skill sets are changing and it provides an opportunity for individuals to Reskill or Upskill  to prepare for the new roles.

Support your teams by helping them develop these skills now and help your organization have a competitive advantage in the future as work demands evolve.  Data2Develop, LLC  can help prepare your workforce for the new opportunities by  identifying team members thinking styles, behaviors, interests and potential careers aligned to the data findings.   

The founders of Data2Develop, LLC have both reinvented their professional careers several times and bring a wealth of information and experience to help your teams, or you personally,  if impacted by job loss due to AI, Machine Learning, Robotics, or a Baby Boomer recently laid off.


Do You Want to Transform Your Career?


Have you lost your job?

 Are you the expensive Baby Boomer now on the street?  Were you booted about because someone didn't like you?  How do you find a new role?  Learn a new industry?  

Have you explored internships?

 Don’t be afraid to reach out to those working in a new industry to explore!  Jump in the trenches and get your hands dirty?   

Have you built your social media brand?

 Are you known in the right Social Media Channels for your industry or the industry you are interested in?   

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Market Research Study


"Your market research study was detailed, expertly presented, and easy to understand. I really appreciated the granular spreadsheets you compiled to let us know how our current product offerings compared to the competitions’ products and what areas we excelled or required improvement. The money we invested in this project allowed us to make the right decision for our next three years’ product development choices -- not an easy task by any stretch of the imagination! The data you gathered, analyzed, and presented to the Executive Team was flawless. We all enjoyed your reports and the robust question and answer sessions, too!"

Kim Mogilevsky, Chief Product Officer

Hiring & Culture Solutions


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Career Development Solutions


Farid Askerov Productions 

Sales Coaching


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Team Development


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